Long Live The Lion: Irv, The Artist

Irving "Irv" Banister is an artist that displays his talent through several mediums such as commissioned paintings, customized clothing, tattoos, and smoke-n-paint sessions. His brand, LongLiveTheLion is an ongoing theme that is shown in a lot of his artwork.

Photo credit: Irving Banister.

What inspired you to become an artist?

What inspired me to become an artist was seeing other people in my field of work thriving and that let me know that my dream was possible.

Which artists do you look up to and why?

An artist I look up to is named John Born. He began his career as an artist in a similar way that I did and now he sells art to many people across the world and that motivated me to work hard.

Did you ever think you would end up in this industry?

My first dream was actually playing basketball and my goal was to play overseas, but I never got the chance to do so. So I focused on making art my new plan.

What has been your favorite experience as an artist?

My favorite experience as an artist was painting at an event for Forever 21. My other memory I enjoy was my first Artshow, it was something magical about it I can’t explain.

What do you believe you contribute to the world around you?