Introduction to Social Media Management

Almost everyone uses social media on some platform or another. Users range vastly in age, gender, nationality, and geographic location. This may give off the impression that anyone can use social media––and it’s true! Anyone can. So why waste resources on social media management when any regular joe off the street can make a post, upload a picture, or edit a video? Well, while it’s true that anyone can use social media, not everyone can build a business through social media. Creating a likeable post is very different from carrying out a well-planned marketing strategy, which is exactly what social media management is. COO and cofounder of Lyfe Marketing, Sherman Standberry said,

“Social media management is more than just posting a picture to your Instagram page. It’s about posting meaningful content that genuinely helps the audience that you intend to reach.” (Lyfe Marketing, 2020)

With that in mind, let’s talk about exactly what social media management is and why it’s so necessary for a company that’s looking to increase their website traffic, leads, and overall sales.

What is Social Media Management?

As defined by Standberry,