How To Take Your Creativity To The Next Level

It may have been easier to stay at home during this pandemic when the weather was gloomy and scattered showers were threatening our days. Lately, at least in Houston, Texas, the weather has been beautiful! Now, the challenge is giving in to the taunting weather. There has to be more you can do while at home, right? Seriously, how many trips to your favorite taco truck can you take without it being obvious that you are just yearning for face-to-face human interaction? If I struck a nerve, I hope what I have to tell you brightens the mood a little.

We like to shout to the rooftops whenever we see something become available for creatives of varying skillsets. Whether you are just beginning your creative journey or if you need to freshen up your skills, Creative Live has the course options you need in order for you to complete your goal.

Exhibit A:

You may know Nigel Barker as a judge on the multi-season hit show, America's Next Top Model, but now you'll get to learn his photography secrets by taking several of his classes on Creative Live. Nigel instructs six classes that vary from how to run a photography business down to the technical aspects of photography, like how to light a scene.

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