Aaron Chokbengboun of Aaron Scott Photography

Aaron Chokbengboun became a photographer/videographer when he first moved to Houston in 2016. Surrounding himself with peers that worked in social media inevitably allowed him to network with photographers and videographers.

"Through the years, I've met friends through social media who were photographers/videographers," said Aaron. "From there, my mind opened up to a world that brought out my creative side of things and next day I had a camera in my hand creating images that no one could do!"

Photo Credit: Aaron Scott Photography

Aaron notes Sam Kolder as one of his inspirations in the field of photography and videography.

"Getting to travel around the globe displaying the skillset you have through the lens of your camera and drone is pretty darn awesome," said Aaron. "Honestly, it's eye catching to watch Sam Kolder videos. After you watch a video it leaves you thinking man this could be me one day living my dreams being able to do what I love best.... Capturing your own creative images to display for the world to see."

Photo Credit: Aaron Scott Photography

The interesting thing about the world of art, is that you can begin a creative journey at any time. Aaron bravely exited his comfort zone and began his creative career just three years ago.