7 Special Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

The year 2020 has brought about a lot of changes to our regular daily routines, and who knows if or when things will return to the way they were. However, just because we live in strange times doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to bring back some level of normalcy into our lives. The holidays are here and with that comes all the festivity traditions!

Thanksgiving might be the first time this year it actually feels natural to be kept up in the house all day with just the family. After all, that's what Thanksgiving is for, right? With all of the stress and negativity going on in the world today, it will be nice to set aside some time to truly reflect on all the things we’re thankful for that have made this year great! It will certainly be a pleasure to bask in the comforting familiarity of Thanksgiving traditions (and of course all the delicious food), but why not also take the opportunity provided by the unusual circumstances of the year 2020 to start some new traditions?

Here are seven ideas that you can try out this Thanksgiving to make your celebrations a little more special. So whether you're celebrating alone, virtually, or with family and friends, there’s something here that you can add to your festivities to really make this Thanksgiving memorable!

1. Family Arts & Crafts

If you have younger kids then sitting around the table to join in some Thanksgiving arts and crafts is a great way to not only keep them entertained, but also get everyone in the festive spirit! You can plan to have several craft options available, or just one unique to this year's celebrations. Conducting a family arts and crafts session

can be a fun way to create a memento for each person that can then be used as decoration for next Thanksgiving. That way, as you celebrate next year, you can look back on all the fond memories from past Thanksgivings (not to mention it’s a nice way to keep the kiddos distracted while you get some work done in the kitchen). If your friends and family are coming together virtually this year, then planning a craft that you can