Sins of A Father: A Powerful Stage Play from MOTH Enterprise

Sometimes formal training isn't necessary when you are living in your purpose. No one knows this better than the founders of MOTH Enterprise, Christopher Cowell, from Suffolk, VA, and Geoffrey Bruno, Sr., from San Antonio, TX. The two dynamic creatives are on a mission to impact lives in the Houston community with their new play, Sins of A Father.

Trailer for Sins of A Father. Created by: MOTH Enterprise.

How did you start and did you have formal training?

For both of us, we have no formal training. We decided to follow wherever God takes us and use our different minds to create our own lane and do follow wherever the spirit takes us.

What inspires you to keep going?

The primary purpose of our company, is to make a difference in our community. Seeing our brothers and sisters strive to make positive changes in their lives and the want to do better keeps us alive and the flame burning. We have so many people looking up to us and we don’t take that for granted.

What piece is your favorite and why?