Elyssa Vega Dances for Joy

Dancing can be a social activity, a chance to improve ones health, or an opportunity to let go of life's stresses. Elyssa Vega dances for the pure joy of the art form. As so many dancers begin their journey, Elyssa found her passion at the young age of two. She received formal training from Bonnie Siscoe in where she learned jazz, pointe, tap, hip hop, modern, lyrical, and contemporary dance. At 20 years old, Elyssa, currently attaining her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Houston, is easily a dancer with variety.

Elyssa participated in the Rockettes Summer Intensive in 2015 and studied abroad in Costa Rica where she assisted UH professor John Beasant III teaching choreography in 2017. Her first original choreographic work “Exulansis” debuted in March 2018 at the UH Goes to the Match show.

Elyssa Vega

Justin Peck, choreographer of "Reflections" for the Houston Ballet, has been one of Elyssa's greatest inspirations. She seeks to create exciting and refreshing pieces in her own work just as he has. Being persistent in her dance career no matter the circumstance has greatly benefited Elyssa in that these experiences have been her muse when she creates.

"...Recently a professor described dancers as people who absolutely have to dance regardless of the adversity that comes with it," said Elyssa. "The amount of fulfillment I get from performing onstage, creating movement with friends, and learning new things from other dancers and instructors is what gives me the excitement to continue to do what I love."