WLK Hosts a TRIFECTA of Talent at Houston's Avant Garden

Photo Credit: NVRWLKALN

Roger Thomas III, widely known as WLK, is an artist that has crossed boundaries and isn't stopping anytime soon. Since his days being known as WLK the Poet, he has put out an abundance of music for his listeners to enjoy. WLK's music has a raw and uninhibited energy that is rooted in pain, triumph, and honesty.

In 2016, WLK told VMP about his vision about providing a platform for artists to showcase their work. Created by: Victor Media Productions.

The NVRWLKALN (pronounced: Never Walk Alone) Movement is a brand formed by WLK that would be able to identify and translate the mental health struggles that young adults may experience.

WLK performing "THE GRY". Courtesy of WLK.

In August 2017, WLK and his family were victims of Hurricane Harvey. Instead of wallowing in his misfortune, WLK dove deeper into his music and focused on growing his brand. He began pe