Houston Leaders Make It Their Mission to Educate the Community About the Arts

A family portrait Angela Smith painted in the beginning of her career. Photo Credit: Angela Smith.

The City of Houston is booming with the strength of its economy, but it is also thriving with an arts culture community that is dancing its way into the spotlight. Houston has a rich fusion of cultures that is displayed within the city’s annual festivals, museums, and community events.

In the year 2014, the price of oil continued to drop and so did the number of employees in oil and gas industry. This affected many Texans, but did not affect the arts community, surprisingly. The Museum of Fine Arts – Houston, the second largest museum in the United States, received 20 percent of their financial support in years 2013-2014 from companies such as Kinder-Morgan, Apache Corporation, and ExxonMobil. Charitable giving has increased by 10 percent over the past two years and it won’t be decreasing anytime soon.

Houston’s economic stability continues to shed light on the impact the arts has on its community. According to The Guardian, 40 percent of all Americans in the workforce will be freelancers by the year 2020. Among these freelancers are artists in the Houston area. This sends the strong message that no matter the condition of the economy, art will never die.