Edythe Boone and Anat Ronen Bring Beauty to Politics in Their Murals

Anat Ronen's paints a picture of Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Photo Credit: University of Houston.

Muralists are artists who have been dedicated to telling stories of communities and historical figures for centuries. Muralists have also been tagged with the responsibility of being a voice for the unheard. Edythe Boone is an artist who has made an impact in the United States for generations.

Edythe was apart of a 1995 project where she and six other women banded together to create the multicultural mural, Maestrapeace. The mural was painted on the first all women-owned community center in the U.S., The Women’s Building in San Francisco.

A New Color is a new documentary about Edythe. The documentary emphasizes her role in the community and how her life has been catapulted into U.S. politics because of the death of her nephew, Eric Garner. Eric’s death in 2014 was the catalyst for the I Can’t Breathe campaign.

“You can’t change your beginnings,” said Edythe, “but you sure can put a nice, beautiful ending to the story.”