Houston Needs More Funding For the Arts

Photo Credit: Zondra Victor. Katrina Woods and Lauren Burke are seen dancing with Urban Souls at Miller Outdoor Theatre.

Arts programs in Houston are receiving less funding than any other large city in the United States. According to the Houston Chronicle, Houston only receives $7.7 million dollars a year compare to Denver, CO with $36.34 million and Austin with $11.11 million. Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, executive director of Fresh Arts, that “We just need to grow the pie.” If there were enough funds allocated to Houston’s art scene, then more organization would receive larger grant funding. From these funds, 16 percent are given to Miller Outdoor Theatre, a trusted venue for free, weekly performances.

Chantel Smith, an Integrated Communications major at the University of Houston, attended the Music that should be Danced show on Saturday, April 23rd. The free event took place at Miller Outdoor Theatre at 8pm.

The arts programs have had a positive affect on the people of Houston. Valkeith Winters is the fine arts director at Milby High School and also the director for New Radical Generation (NRG) at Windsor