SPUF DON Talks New Music and Rapping with Travis Scott

Created by: Victor Media Productions.

Houston is home to many famous hip hop artists such as Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, and the unstoppable duo, UGK. SPUF DON is striving to be Houston’s next great artist in hip hop.

SPUF DON was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas. The rapper is the son of music producer, N.O. Joe. N.O. Joe has produced for rappers like Scarface, Ice Cube, UGK, and many other artists. Even with his father’s outstanding repertoire, SPUF has never been intimidated. He wants people to see him for the artist he is.

“I never felt pressured,” said SPUF. “I just found my own lane and stayed in it, and strived to be the best at being myself.”

SPUF notes his influences to be rappers Biggie Smalls and Eminem. He grew up listening to these artists; learning the art to their rhymes. Nevertheless, SPUF lists N.O. Joe, his father, at the top of his list of influences.

“Really just being around the environment. Being around Joe all the time,” said SPUF. “Watching him doing beats all the time …that’s one of my biggest influences.”