The Inspiration, Lauren Burke

Choreographer, Lauren Burke, discusses her creative process. Photo Credit: Zondra Victor.

According to, becoming a professional dancer takes between 8-10 years. Typically, students begin dancing around age 7. However, this is not always true for dancers. Professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Lauren Burke began dancing in high school and continued dancing as an elective into her college years.

Lauren first attended Lamar University where she studied nursing in hopes of pursuing the medical field. She had finished all of her prerequisites, but ended up moving back to Houston where she attempted to enroll into Texas Women’s University – Downtown. It was too late to enroll, so she took dance, art, and piano classes at Houston Community College in order to satisfy her scholarship credit requirements. It was there she realized her true calling to dance.

Since graduating at the University of Houston as a dance major, Lauren has kept busy in her many performances with Urban Souls, FrenetiCore, The Hunter Dance Center, and other projects.

“This piece is called Find the Water and we are basing it off of a documentary being presented by Valvisions Foundation. [They] are trying to bring awareness to female mutilation that is happening primarily in Africa, along that middle band in Africa.”